Showcasing The Best of Africa & The Diaspora


The mission of Afroglobal Television is to showcase the best of Africa and its Diaspora through programming that positively and more accurately impact and reflect the experiences and dreams of people of African heritage around the world.


The vision of Afroglobal is to reach all parts of the world with exceptional programs that inform, empower, uplift and entertain people of African heritage wherever they were born or live in the world.

Afroglobal Television is a global super channel that caters to the of people of African heritage worldwide. It showcases the best of Africa and the Diaspora through programs that inspire, educate and entertains. The goal of Afroglobal Television Network is to present documentaries, biographies, music, movies, sitcoms, soap operas, talk shows, dramas, sports and athletics, children’s programming, reality shows, dance, news, current affairs, and contents that reflect the rich and diverse heritage of Africa, the Caribbean and the Diaspora.

Afroglobal Television presents balanced perspectives on the people, their diversity, their richness and complexity in very refreshing programs. Afroglobal Television is a modern and an essential voice for Africa and the Diaspora. The ultimate objective of the channel is to celebrate the success stories of Africa and the Diaspora and to help in the integration of African people in communities where they live. Whether you are Afro-American, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Brazilian or connected to Africa by birth, heritage or friendship, you are part of the Afroglobal family.