Showcasing The Best Of Africa And The Diaspora


Afroglobal Television features great music from around the world: from reggae, calypso, soca and zouk in the Caribbean; the infl uence of jazz, soul, R&B, hiphop and gospel in North America; to makosa, highlife, kwaito, afrobeat, soukouss, hiplife and others. The station features music videos and live musical events. New stars are offered an opportunity to shine.


Some of the best short and feature dramatic films of interest to the community can be found on Afroglobal. The movies showcase amazing stories. Movies from Hollywood, the very best from Nigeria’s Nollywood and films from other parts of Africa, the Caribeban, the United States and the Diaspora are featured. Talents both in front of the camera and behind the scenes are presented.


Discerning that spirituality is a source of strength for many people of African origin, Afroglobal aims at providing an outlet for meeting the deep individual yearnings and the collective expressions of segments of the community.


Various children’s programs, including those that feature cartoons are presented on Afroglobal. Shows that involve participatory African story telling for all young people keen on connecting with authentic African traditions and values are presented. Children’s reality shows, puppet and other entertaining programs are also presented to the delight of children of all cultural backgrounds.

Current Affairs

Afroglobal presents news and current affairs both independently as well as in partnership with major broadcasting organizations around the world. Up-to-date information and developing stories are sourced from Africa, the Caribbean and from other parts of the world. Local news crews are deployed to gather information about major events that are happening.


Sporting events in Africa, North America, the Caribbean, Europe, South America, Asia and other parts of the world are presented to viewers of the station. Basketball, soccer, hockey, cricket, marathon, gymnastics as well as swimming tournaments and related activities are presented to inform and entertain. National leagues, continental and global competitions are featured as well.


Afroglobal features some of the most captivating reality series. The station features talent hunt shows that lead to the discovery of some of the hottest musical, screen and literary talents. Programs that affirm the intellectual capital that exists in the community and other competitive entertainment programming are presented to the delight of viewers across Canada and beyond.

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